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From This Point Onward The Website Will Be Divided Into Four Different Sections.

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For listing Current Useable Repeaters, Planned & Potential Repeater Sites, Temporary Off Line or Downed Sites, Access Permission (If required), Open Sites For Regular Use, Tone Acces Information, Frequency Of Repeaters And Owner Information

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Why Join The USA GMRS Association...

For entrepreneurs and business owners, visibility and networking are key, but these are just a couple of the many reasons it's a good idea to join industry associations. Local, regional and national industry associations offer a wide range of opportunities that can lead to enhanced business relationships and, ultimately, greater success.

The same is true with this Association.... Here are just a few reasons why joining The USA GMRS Association is well worth the time and effort:

A: Access to Members & Repeater owners directories. Access to maps showing where repeater owners that wish to share access to their repeaters and additional information to access those repeaters. Access to member information for finding like members within your area for networking with.

B: Privileged access to industry events and conferences. You may even qualify for discounts or special access to upcoming conferences, trade shows and events in your area.

C: Access to certification and licensing programs as they come about. We believe in and support member certification and licensing initiatives, both required and optional. These projected certification will offer you an excellent opportunity to diversify and expand your skill set, qualifications and communications abilities.

D: Potential cost savings on numerious aspect of GMRS equipment. By working with vendors and allowing memebrs access to vendors for special rates on products and services will assist vendors in knowing up front what Licensed GMRS users desire and want thus placing them in a position of saving money and allowing them to price their goods more competitively and increase thier profit margins.

E: Access to education and training. With access to education and training materiaals you can advance your knowledge of GMRS equipent, rules and regulation and other advance information that will help you maintain your edge and keep your skills sharp and current.

F: Competitive advantages. Taking advantage of association resources can help you earn and maintain an edge over non-members, thanks to access to inside information and advanced training opportunities that are avaialable to you as a member.

G: Inside access to innovations and new developments as they become available. By being a member of this Associations you can stay on top of new products, services and innovations within the GMRS industry as they becaome available, helping you maintain a competitive and informational edge over non-members.

H: Access to enhanced benefits programs. (Not currently available, but we hope to offer members before long access to group health care benefits, equipment insurance coverages, and other perks as a reward for your investment).

I: By being part of an association like this one, it opens the door to opportunities to give back to the community. You can use your membership to share your knowledge with other local member assiciations, businesses, city governements, emergency service personnel, in an effort to offer your services and to promote a stronger sense of community cooperation. Additionally, others that see you as a member of this association see a member that is willing to offer volunteer support and participation as a group.

J: A Unified Voice. There’s a lot of truth behind the saying “strength comes in numbers”. If you want to create change within the GMRS world, you’re far more likely to succeed if you have a group of passionate peers alongside you. As a memeber you are adding to that success...
USA GMRS Association
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