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What's The Difference Between GMRS & FRS...

What's The Difference Between GMRS & FRS you ask?

Well for one, FRS radios have lower transmit power (like .5 watts of RF power output), must not have the ability to remove the antenna, and FRS channels require no license to transmit on them.

GMRS radios can run more power (up to and a max of 50 watts with no max on ERP) and GMRS users may use handhelds with removable and more effective antennas, and GMRS channels require a license (about $70.00) to operate on the GMRS frequencies and said license, once approved, are good now for ten years as issued from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Each service (GMRS & FRS) has its own set of frequency channels, and they share some (seven) common channels with each other. Different makes and models of radios may use different channel numbers for the same frequency. It's best to obtain radio equipment with the channels all programmed the same...

Most GMRS and FRS radios have tone encoders and decoders that may go under the name of “privacy code”, “PL”, Privacy Plus or the like. Some people even have refered to it as's not encryption.

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How To Start A Radio Club In Your Area?...
Starting a radio club,,,,ya right.... I know this sounds easier than it is, but hey, if others can do it, well you can to. You might even be able to go and recruit some Amatuer Radio operators, Public Safety Communicators, Broadcast Operators, Communty Civic Club members in your area. People in general want to be part of a club that is worth while, and "Radio Club" just might be what many are looking for. You notice I said "Radio Club".... not just a GMRS Club.... offer a general all around radio club and make GMRS a bigger portion of it. Encourage more people to wanting to get a GMRS license so they can communicate with both family and other licensed friends so that you are not the "only one" in town with a license and no one to talk to.

Form this club in conjunction with an organization that could use the services that a GMRS radio club could provide.
These include organsations like The Salvation Army, they actually provide a lot of disaster relief services and is quite familiar with radio (they have two-way radios in every vehicle they use for disaster related events) and most times even some of their members are GMRS licensed.

How about Red Cross? There are many different types of clubs that work with their local Red Cross chapters. And like SA, they too work disaster and have low band two-way radios to communicate on.

How about your local community college(s)? They might welcome your club, especially if they offer some sort of technology courses.

There can be many advantages to working with one of these groups like you could be able to use their facilities for meetings, and, they they may have some other resources like that of funds that you could tap into for club activities.

Take the time to sit and research starting a club. Check out local clubs in your area and ask them how they got started. Check out your local college, there may be students looking for college credits that will help you put a plan together and get your club up and running. All you have to do, take the first step.

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