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Please Note That Our Name Has Changed. It Is Now The

USA GMRS Association

From This Point Onward The Website Will Be Divided Into Four Different Sections.

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Our Membership Access Area For Paid Members

USGMRS Repeater & Users Group Association --

For Our Repeater Owners & Their Licensed Users Who Share Their Repeaters For City/Sate/Nationwide Use

USA GMRS Repeater Locations --

For listing Current Useable Repeaters, Planned & Potential Repeater Sites, Temporary Off Line or Downed Sites, Access Permission (If required), Open Sites For Regular Use, Tone Acces Information, Frequency Of Repeaters And Owner Information

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Home of the USA GMRS Association

Aboout The USA GMRS Association...
The USA GMRS Association strives to promote and protect a favorable economic and regulatory climate for GMRS and educate members and the public at large about the opportunities available and advances possible through the efforts of communicating, over-the-air on GMRS....

Canton, Texas based trade association representing the interests of Licensed GMRS Operators in the United States....

Formed in January 2017; established permanent home in Canton, Texas in January 2017....

Currently One full-time staff members....

Soon to be a 20-member policymaking Board of Directors....

Memberships available to:

All GMRS Licensees....

Family & Family memebrs whom are authorized to use GMRS by the Licensed holder....

Dues income is the only source of revenue used for normal day-to-day operations, web development & hosting fees, and soon to be for legislative advocacy. All other member services are funded by the their respective program(s)....

By joining The USA GMRS Association, you have expressed your dedication to supporting the legal use of and the sharing of information on the proper use of GMRS.

USA GMRS Association
Home Office Located In Canton, Texas 75103
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"Our goal is to have a place to ask questions, share information, and offer up any additional knowledge of or about GMRS (General Mobile Radio as described by FCC Rules and Regulations)... Topics about GMRS Mobile Radios, GMRS Handi-Talkies, GMRS Repeaters, GMRS Repeater use and/or sharing for local, state, and nationwide use. Also discussions pertaining to GMRS Rules & Regulation as set forth by the FCC and the sharing of experiences and knowledge of a licensed GMRS operator. Please keep it "family friendly" and of the English language and about GMRS........"

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